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Top 5 Vincent Price Films By Mushroomhead’s Dr. F



One of the greatest horror actors in cinematic history, Vincent Price is held in the highest regard by horror fans throughout the world. His piercing gaze, his commanding presence, and his renowned voice led him to be the star of countless horror films, many of which are heralded as classics of their time and required viewing for genre fans.

Because of his storied career, it’s difficult to pick his best works. However, Mushroomhead bassist Dr. F is aiming to do just that by selecting his Top 5 Vincent Price Films for his entry in our ‘9 Days Of Mushroomhead Top 5 Lists‘! Head on below to see which films made his cut and make sure to leave your favorites in the comments section!

A Comedy of Terrors

Vincent price teamed up with Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff…. Need I say more? Undertakers, running out of bodies, take it upon themselves to start murdering for business. Classic and hilarious.

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