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Top 5 Horror Moments By Mushroomhead’s Shmotz



Today marks the middle of our ‘9 Days Of Mushroomhead Top 5 Horror Lists‘ from the Cleveland, OH industrial metal band! We’ve already had some amazing lists from members J-Mann, Dr. F, Roberto Diablo, and Skinny, which you can see here.

Today brings another list, this one from keyboardist Shmotz as he goes through several horror classics and selects his Top 5 Horror Moments! Check it out below and make sure to leave a comment with some of your top moments!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Sheer terror! The shaky camera and the first person perspective was the first of it’s kind as I recall.. And the image of wearing another person’s FACE is just plain twisted and has always stuck with me..
It also came across like it was a documentary too which added to the realism for me..
My “#1 all time horror flick”!!

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