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Top 5 Haunted Houses By Mushroomhead’s Stitch



And so we come to the thrilling conclusion of our ‘9 Days Of Mushroomhead Top 5 Lists‘! For this final entry, I wanted to save one that I felt would speak to a great many of you as this list takes horror out of your house and into your Halloween lifestyle!

For many of us, going to a haunted house during the Halloween season is a ritual, something that makes the season complete and brings us a lot of joy. While I don’t go every year, I do enjoy the times that I do head out. Even when I don’t get scared, I appreciate and enjoy being in a place that is devoted to horror, fear, terror, and scaring the absolute hell out of everyone that ventures inside!

But for those of you who are on the fence about going to a haunted house during Halloween, this list may very well be the catalyst that you have been waiting for to convince you of what you are missing. So, head on down to check out drummer/samples Stitch’s Top 5 Haunted Houses!

Also, make sure to pre-order the band’s new album The Righteous & The Butterfly, which comes out tomorrow! Head to the end of this list for all information!

House of Torment {Austin, Tx.}

Hands down the best set design and organization of actors I’ve ever witnessed in a haunted house. House of Torment breaks all the boundaries of your typical “haunted house experience”. It’s a full on action, horror film, and video game all-in-one unraveling right in front of you. Convincing costumes/characters the entire time, you can tell these guys give a shit. Ziplines, crashed cars and planes, flipped over trolly cars…. pure mayhem!

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