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[Exclusive Preview] “The MAXX Maxximized” #10



I’ve always been a huge fan of the MAXX’s design. When I was younger I had this incredible action figure that was the prize of my collection. I recall it being made by McFarlene toys, and it had bad ass sculpted middle fingers, of course my younger brother broke them off like a jerk.

Why do I say this? Because I haven’t read the comics, but the character is so incredibly badass this preview compels me to start.

The Maxx: Maxximized #10

Sam Kieth, William Messner-Loebs (w) • Kieth (a & c)

Fairy Tale: As Julie is spring cleaning, Mr. Gone entertains us with a little child-like tale of Julie’s traumatic up-bringing, and the little sickly rabbit that scrape, scrape, scrapes, which she keeps hidden under her bed. She learns lessons from her absentee father’s denial, and her mother’s unflinching willingness to face things that Julie (and Maxx) would rather avoid all together.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • Featuring an all-new cover by Sam Kieth!



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