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‘Eat Me’ Will Test Human Endurance (Exclusive)



Eat Me Films & Rumpus Room Productions begin lensing on Eat Me, the acclaimed playwright Jacqueline Wright’s cutting edge feature adaptation of her LA Weekly nominated play, in Los Angeles starting December 10, 2014, Bloody Disgusting exclusively learned.

Wright will star alongside Brad Carter (pictured in “True Detective, Ascension”), and Michael Samus Wiles (“Breaking Bad, Fight Club).

Eat Me will be directed by Adrian A. Cruz (co-creator, “Ascension”) and produced by Flo Speakman and Dena Hysell.

An insightful, darkly hilarious and terrifying exploration of the extremity of human endurance. TOMMY, a despondent woman with nothing to live for, attempts suicide on the same night BOB breaks into her house. Over the course of the night, they collide on a desperate and brutal journey, struggling to find a way out of the circumstances that brought them together.

“It’s an immense honor to be able to bring this harrowing and divisive story to the screen. It’s not the sort of script that you can put down. It haunts you, takes on you a journey that you can’t forget. Combined with the incredible talent of the cast, it’s an explosive combination,” director Adrian Cruz explains.

Eat Me was adapted from the notorious and acclaimed play of the same name. Sparking heated debates and polarizing reviews, Eat Me set the bar for balls to the wall theater and now promises to the move to the screen and with the same passion, wit and fearlessness.

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