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Campers Missing From the ‘Killing Ground’ Festival Art (Exclusive)



In Australian director Damien Power’s Killing Ground, having its international premiere at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival, Ian and Samantha arrive at an isolated campsite to find an SUV and a tent—with no sign of the occupants. The discovery of a distressed child wandering in the woods unleashes a terrifying chain of events that will test the young couple’s breaking point.

Head of the premiere next Friday, January 20th, Bloody Disgusting has been provided with an exclusive look at the festival poster for the film that’s said to have a “taut, non-linear structure, which contributes to an atmosphere of timeless menace and dread.” The one-sheet shows the site sans any campers, giving it an eerie and desolate vibe.

“Tension builds as the narrative threads wind together; danger escalates and Sam and Ian’s options narrow drastically. The Australian bush setting plays a significant role in the film, and Killing Ground is part of a long tradition of Australian cinema – from Picnic at Hanging Rock to Wolf Creek – that finding a deep sense of unease in a hostile wilderness.”

Aaron Pedersen, Ian Meadows, Harriet Dyer, Aaron Glenane star in Killing Ground.

Sundance Festival Screenings:
Friday, January 20, 11:45 p.m. Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Saturday, January 21, 1:00 p.m. Redstone Cinema 2, Park City
Saturday, January 21, midnight Tower Theatre, Salt Lake City
Thursday, January 26, 11:30 p.m. Prospector Square Theatre, Park City


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