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What’s Going On With the ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Remake?



With ’90s slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer turning 20 years old this coming October (how crazy is that?!), we can’t help but wonder what’s going on with the remake/re-adaptation of Lois Duncan’s novel that we first heard about a few years ago.

We learned back in 2014 that Oculus and Ouija: Origin of Evil duo Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard were writing the script, but all has been quiet on that front for a while now.

So we reached out to Flanagan for an update today. We don’t have much to share, but we can at least note that Flanagan and Howard are incredibly happy with their script.

I don’t have any updates on [I Know What You Did Last Summer]. I haven’t heard anything in quite a while,” Flanagan told us. “Our involvement ended at the script stage, which we delivered and were happy with, but I’m not sure what’s happening now.”

Flangan continued, “I was never attached to direct – Jeff and I were only responsible for the script. It’s a great property and it is in terrific hands with [producer] Neal Moritz, so I really hope it gets made.

Last we heard, Flanagan and Howard had come up with a new take on all of the source materials, penning a tale quite a bit different than the one found in the 1997 film that took place after a nasty accident, four friends begin to drift apart. One year later Julie James gets an anonymous message and then a slicker wearing, hook-wielding killer begins to rip apart her life.

We’ll update you as we learn more.