[Exclusive] Barbara Crampton Erases Kane Hodder's Mind in 'Death House' Clip - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Barbara Crampton Erases Kane Hodder’s Mind in ‘Death House’ Clip



He will become… transhuman.”

One of next year’s most hotly anticipated films is the horror icon-loaded Death House, director Harrison Smith’s fan-dubbed “Expendables of Horror.” It’s arriving in theaters in the first month of 2017, and we’ve got an exclusive clip to whet your appetite today.

This is a VR program tour of Death House,” Smith explains the clip to us. “Agents Boon (Cortney Palm) and Novak (Cody Longo) get a lesson on “Transhumanism” from Dr. Redmane (Barbara Crampton). Kane Hodder is Sieg in the chair. Dee Wallace plays Dr. Fletcher who is supervising the VR tour from the outside.”

Can you really instill morality into someone who doesn’t have any?

Death House, written by Smith and the late Gunnar Hansen, stars a long list of legends including Kane HodderBarbara Crampton, Dee Wallace, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Adrienne Barbeau, Michael Berryman, Felissa Rose and Sid Haig.

In the film…

Two federal agents fight their way through nine levels of Hell inside a secret prison known as the Death House. A facility-wide prison break turns their flight into a tour of horrors as they push toward the ultimate evil housed in the lowest depths of the earth.

Death House arrives January 26, 2018, in Regal Cinemas across the US!