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Freddy and Jason Almost Joined Forces With Kid ‘n Play for a Comedy Mashup?!



The ’90s were super weird.

For an exclusive piece that will be posted here on Bloody Disgusting tomorrow, December 19, former Fangoria writer Jason Bene spoke with FX artist Al Magliochetti to dig deep into the visual FX work of Jason Goes to Hell. But it was during the chat that Magliochetti dropped an amusing tidbit that we wanted to share with you today.

While talking about the iconic ending scene of Jason Goes to Hell, wherein Freddy’s glove appears and pulls Jason’s masks into the fiery depths, Magliochetti revealed to Bene that he had actually heard rumblings of a Freddy/Jason mash-up even before he was approached to come on board the Friday the 13th franchise’s 9th installment.

We’ve heard of countless different iterations of the project that eventually became Freddy vs. Jason over the years, but we had *never* heard this one before…

I’d actually heard rumors about a Jason/Freddy mash-up about a year before I got involved with Jason Goes to Hell,” said Magliochetti, “but at the time it was being talked about as a comedy with Jason and Freddy matching wits (or half-wits, as the case may be) with Kid n’ Play (remember them?) in a kind of an ‘Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein’ spoof. Obviously that never came to pass.”

Kid ‘n Play (Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin) was a hip-hop act that rose to popularity in the late ’80s/early ’90s. New Line Cinema released their House Party films in the early ’90s, so it seems they at least briefly entertained the idea of mashing them together with the Elm Street and newly-acquired Friday the 13th franchises.

We’re having a hard time even imagining that one!

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