[Exclusive] Ash Tries to Save Kelly in Clip from "Ash vs. Evil Dead" Penultimate Episode - Bloody Disgusting
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It’s “Judgment Day” on Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” this coming Sunday night, with the penultimate episode in Season 3 setting the stage for the season (series?) finale the following Sunday night. This past Sunday night, Ash was able to rescue Brandy from the other side, but Kelly is still trapped… her body overtaken by the spirit of Kaya.

In this Sunday night’s second-to-last episode, Ash sets out on a quest to save Kelly, coming face-to-face with old nemesis Ruby in the process. In this exclusive clip, Ash presses the Kandarian Dagger to not-really-Kelly’s throat in an attempt to get Ruby to evict Kaya.

On “Judgment Day,” airing April 22…

“Chainsaw-handed demon hunter Ash returns to action when Elk Grove is threatened by a Deadite epidemic. Pablo’s role as Brujo Especiale has him straddle the worlds of good and evil to keep the rift open for Ash to save Brandy and Kelly.”

Bruce Campbell has promised that you don’t want to miss the final two episodes!


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