[Exclusive] 'Freddy vs. Jason' Actor Douglas Tait Shares Never Seen Photos from the Set - Bloody Disgusting
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While Ken Kirzinger is often solely credited for playing Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason, it’s interesting to note that Kirzinger actually didn’t play Jason in the film’s final moments. For that final scene, wherein Jason emerges triumphantly from the waters of Crystal Lake, carrying Freddy’s severed head, the horror icon was played by stuntman/actor Douglas Tait.

Douglas Tait’s career as a stunt double actually began with Freddy vs. Jason, but his acting career dates back to the late ’90s. In addition to the 2003 slasher mash-up, Tait has also appeared in/worked on everything from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to the upcoming horror sequel Unfriended: Dark Web, along with roles in “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch,” Star Trek (2009), Thor, “Teen Wolf” and “Grimm.”

Tait even played Godzilla in a memorable Snickers commercial a few years back!

Recently, a previously unseen behind the scenes shot from the final moments of Freddy vs. Jason surfaced, which led our friends over at the website Friday the 13th: The Franchise to collect together all the on-set images they have in their archives of Douglas Tait as Jason Voorhees. You can check out both of those galleries HERE and HERE.

Graciously, Douglas Tait just reached out to us to share even more behind the scenes shots from the set of Freddy vs. Jason, from his personal archives and never before seen. Enjoy!

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