[Exclusive] Jeremy Slater Shares Some Early Plans He Had for "The Exorcist" Season 3 - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Jeremy Slater Shares Some Early Plans He Had for “The Exorcist” Season 3



Horror TV has had a bit of a rough couple months, with Starz pulling the plug on “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” Syfy deciding not to go forward with the Kevin Bacon-starring “Tremors” and, most recently, FOX cancelling “The Exorcist” after just two seasons. As regular readers know, we had hardcore championed “The Exorcist” since the beginning, so we were incredibly bummed to learn this past Friday that it won’t be getting a third season. Bummed not just for ourselves and fellow viewers, but more importantly for all the creative talent who made the series so damn good for two seasons.

Creator Jeremy Slater tweeted on Friday, “I know it’s easy to get angry at Fox, but the reality is that we were the lowest-rated drama on any network and they still brought us back for a second season, because they loved the show. There are no bad guys in this scenarioI wish we could have given you a proper ending, but the characters belong to you now. You decide how their story ends.”

Of course, we couldn’t help but wonder what would’ve been in store for us had FOX decided to renew “The Exorcist” for a third season, so we reached out to Slater this week and pressed him for any details he was willing to share. “I only have a general sense of what the season would have looked like,” Slater told us, before digging in a wee bit.

To recap, Season 2 ended with Marcus leaving his career behind, with Tomas and Mouse teaming up to continue their work. According to Slater’s early plans for a potential third season, Marcus and Tomas would’ve been kept apart for much of the season, with the demonically integrated Bennett serving as the season’s main villain.

I knew that, by necessity, Marcus and Tomas would need to be separated for the first half of the season, because we would need to address the time jump that happened in the closing moments of the S2 finale,” Slater explained to us. “And I knew that I wanted Father Bennett (who became integrated with a demon in the finale) to serve as our new Big Bad. So my guess is that we would have been juggling two separate timelines for at least the first half of season three.”

He continued, “In the flashback storyline, Tomas and Mouse would have joined forces with Bennett and headed for Rome, unaware that their former friend had crossed over to the other side. And in the present, Marcus would be searching for some sign of Tomas, who has seemingly vanished without a trace. I’m not sure whether we would have had a central “family” storyline or whether the season would have ultimately revolved around Marcus, Tomas and Mouse attempting to save Bennett’s soul, although it probably would have been some combination of the two. But the idea of doing a Memento-style season filled with puzzles and mysteries felt like a nice change of pace from a creative standpoint.

Slater admits that though it’s pretty unlikely that “The Exorcist” will be revived by any of the big streaming services, he’s keeping some details to himself just in case…

I had a few more twists and ideas for the season, but I’m keeping those to myself just on the off-chance that the show finds another home. I think it’s a longshot. But we’ve been dead in the water once before, so never say never.” he told us. “If that happened, I’d be kicking myself for giving away all of our twists and secrets. But the bigger reason [why I don’t have much to share] is that these stories really only come together and take shape once you’ve got a full writers room bouncing around ideas. By the time I started breaking our finale last year, our writers room had already basically disbanded. We barely had time to finish season two, let alone brainstorm ideas for season three.”

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