[Exclusive] Red Band Trailer for Throwback Werewolf Film 'Bonehill Road' Spews Blood and Guts - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Red Band Trailer for Throwback Werewolf Film ‘Bonehill Road’ Spews Blood and Guts



Remember how cool werewolf movies used to be? Films like An American Werewolf in London and The Howling were loaded with some of the most badass creature effects in the genre’s history, but cool werewolf flicks of that sort have sadly fallen by the wayside in recent years. CG wolves and transformation scenes, well, they’re just not nearly as awesome.

The last great one? Late Phases. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Todd Sheets, a prolific shot-on-video filmmaker from back in the early days of VHS, has returned to the horror genre with new werewolf film Bonehill Road, intended to channel the glory days of werewolf films past. He promises that the throwback movie will feature loads of retro-style practical effects and ZERO CGI, claims backed up by the new trailer.

In the film…

“Emily and Eden Stevens escape one violent situation only to dive head first into another. Terrified and alone they are stranded in the dark woods only to be chased into a horrific scene in a house or horrors. They must work together to get out alive. But what is worse? What is on the inside or out?”

Horror legend Linnea Quigley, Gary Kent, and David E. McMahon star in the film, out from Wild Eye Releasing this week on DVD and on Digital soon.

Check out the BD Exclusive retro-style Red Band trailer below!

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