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Eli Roth’s ‘Clown’ Changing Release Plans




If you didn’t already find a way to see it, you’re probably dying to see Clown, which was produced by Eli Roth (Hostel, Green Inferno, Cabin Fever).

Last week we told you that the wait looked to be finally coming to an end, with us celebrating a VOD release slated for March 18th.

The day came and went with Jon Watts’ film about a man who puts on an old clown costume, only to transform into a demon clown that eats children, never releasing. We even had Bloody readers pre-order the film to no avail.

In fact, there were actual reports of the Clown trailer playing before The Witch, only to have it pulled from its micro-theatrical run as well.

All we can do is speculate, which has me wondering what’s contractually guaranteed? Is the hold up that the distributor has to put in a specific amount of theaters? Do they have to commit marketing costs? Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever the case, Clown still isn’t out and that’s a huge bummer because it’s pretty fun.

Roth actually hit me back telling me that we can potentially expect a release this coming June (watch for details soon)! We’ve also confirmed that Dimension Films is still behind the release.

Clown stars Peter Stormare, Laura Allen, Christian DiStefano, Elizabeth Whitmere, Matthew Stefiuk, and Andy Powers.

“It’s Jack’s 10th birthday, but the clown has cancelled. His dad, Kent, finds an old clown suit in the attic and saves the party. But after the party is over, Kent has a problem… the suit won’t come off. What starts as a joke quickly turns into a hellish nightmare. Kent can feel himself changing, and his desperate attempts to free himself just leave him in agonizing pain.

As the suit takes hold of his body, Kent slowly endures a brutal transformation. As he changes, an uncontrollable hunger begins to consume him, an overwhelming and insatiable hunger… for children.”

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