Scream Factory Releasing 1975 Spanish Horror Film 'Night of the Seagulls' - Bloody Disgusting
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Scream Factory Releasing 1975 Spanish Horror Film ‘Night of the Seagulls’



The fourth and final film in Spanish filmmaker Amando de Ossorio’s “Blind Dead” series was Night of the Seagulls, released in ’75 and now headed to Blu-ray.

Scream Factory announced today that Night of the Seagulls (aka: Don’t Go Out at Night and Terror Beach) will be flocking to Blu-ray on February 13, 2018.

The other films in the series have not been released on Blu-ray which would naturally beg the question: Why start with the last installment? Our best answer is that the licensor that we acquired Seagulls from (which is the same one we got the Paul Naschy films from) only controls Seagulls,” Scream Factory noted. “At this time, we don’t know who the successor of the first three are but we are looking into in order to bring the whole series out if we can.”

In Night of the Seagulls…

“When a doctor and his wife move to a coastal village, they encounter strange and terrifying things: the town harbors an ancient evil that demands ritual sacrifice! For seven consecutive nights, the undead come from the sea to demand the horrific deaths of the town’s young women. Dr. Stein and his wife try to save one of the young women from her horrible fate. The final tale of the ‘Blind Dead” series comes to a haunting end.”

Check out the cover art below.