Synapse's 'Suspiria' SteelBook Gets a December 19th Release Date - Bloody Disgusting
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Synapse’s ‘Suspiria’ SteelBook Gets a December 19th Release Date



Dario Argento’s masterpiece, Suspiria, has been discussed plenty here recently. A large part of that is because it’s an incredible film, but it’s also due to the fact that a number of long-awaited Blu-ray releases are in the works. Arguably the most highly anticipated release is that from Synapse.

Back in August we shared all the details of the upcoming Synapse release — it’s a 4k re-master and it’ll be getting a limited edition 3-disc release — right when pre-orders opened up. One bit of information that wasn’t available back then was the release date which has now been confirmed for December 19th.

That’s less than one month away! If for whatever reason you’ve been holding off on this, perhaps because you wanted the release date, you better act now. The set is limited to only 6,000 copies and now that we know it’s hitting streets in less than a month you better believe it’ll go fast!

Order your copy from Synapse today!

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