[Video] The 'Leatherface' Alternate Ending is WAY Nastier! - Bloody Disgusting
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After spending a long time on a shelf, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s Leatherface, a prequel to the original classic, was finally unleashed late last year. The film hit DVD and Blu-ray in December, and the discs were home to a handful of deleted scenes as well as an alternate ending that we wanted to shine the spotlight on today.

Reddit user Poland626 brought the alternate ending to our attention over the weekend, which is quite a bit darker and way more gruesome than the film’s actual ending. In the version I personally saw, Jedidah Saywer officially becomes Leatherface when he cuts a woman named Elizabeth’s head off with a chainsaw, turning her face into a mask.

In the alternate ending, however, Jedidah takes things one step further.

Rather than cutting off Elizabeth’s head, the young Leatherface cuts off the bottom half of her face, which he uses to complete his very first skin mask. We then realize that Elizabeth has actually been kept alive, at least for the time being; half of her face is missing, a giant wound has been cut into her leg, and she’s dangling from a meat hook.

This darker version of events can be watched below. Must note that the audio is weirdly from the film’s other ending, but what really matters here are the visuals anyway.