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What’s Going On With the Vestron Video Blu-ray Series? Here’s an Update!



Back in late ’16, Lionsgate relaunched the VHS label Vestron Video with the Vestron Video Collector’s Series, a specialty Blu-ray and DVD reissue label for Vestron/Lionsgate titles. They came out of the gate hot, releasing titles like Chopping Mall, Waxwork, Return of the Living Dead 3, The Gate and the Wishmaster Collection.

Two Vestron Video titles have been released so far this year, but the lack of new updates on upcoming releases has led many fans to wonder if Lionsgate has lost faith in the Vestron label. Have the sales just not been strong enough for the line to continue?

The official Vestron FB page provides an update this week, and the news is good!

Lionsgate has not forgotten about the Vestron Video Collector’s Series line. Yes… they are all very aware of the titles you want them to release (I’ve been letting them know… including f*cking “The Wraith” which I have reminded them that they ALREADY HAVE a pretty decent HD master… so don’t ask, I’m working on that for everyone).

I can say that next two titles are definitely horror titles and right now they will be scheduled for July. As soon and I get the green light, I will post them. So hang in there. More are coming. Stay tuned…”

Long live Vestron Video!


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