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’90s Sci-fi Superhero Series “Night Man” Finally Coming to DVD!



Saxophonist by day, superhero by night. He is… “Night Man.”

Publish by Malibu Comics, which was eventually folded into Marvel Comics, The Night Man comic book series became “Night Man” in 1997, a television series that ran for just two seasons from September 1997 until May 1999. Matt McColm starred as the title character, who gains the ability to detect evil after being struck by lightning.

At long last, TV Shows on DVD reports, the complete series hits DVD on June 12!

Based on the Marvel Comics Comic Book character, all 44 episodes of this legendary live-action series are available in this value-priced 9-disc collector’s set – for the first time ever on DVD! One of Marvel’s first forays into scripted television, paving the way for modern hits like “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” and “Iron Fist.”

After renowned San Francisco saxophonist Johnny Domino is struck by lightning, he finds himself literally tuned to the wavelength of evil – and no longer able to sleep. Johnny becomes Night Man, and – in a bulletproof bodysuit that allows him to fly, see in the dark, and render himself invisible – fights to keep crime off his city’s streets in this complete collection of adventures based on the comic created by Steve Englehart (who also wrote several episodes).

Cast: Matt McColm (Johnny Domino/Night Man, Jayne Heitmeyer (Lt. Briony Branca), Derek Webster (Raleigh Jordan), Derwin Jordan (Raleigh Jordan), Earl Holliman (Frank Dominus), Michael Woods (Lieutenant Charlie Dann), and Felecia Bell (Jessica Rodgers).

The 9-disc set contains all 44 episodes of “Night Man.”


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