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UK Store HMV Releasing ‘The Thing’ Blu-ray in Exclusive VHS Packaging!



You probably already own Scream Factory’s Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of John Carpenter’s The Thing, so you may be wondering why you’d ever need to double dip again. Well, UK store HMV wants you to buy at least one more copy of the 1982 masterpiece, and they’re hoping to lure you in with retro VHS-style packaging!

Now available for pre-order in stores and online, HMV has just shown off their brand new “VHS Range,” which features Blu-ray re-releases of twelve ’80s classics in VHS packaging. The Thing is the only horror film in the bunch, joining beloved films like E.T., Back to the Future, Top Gun, Scarface, Beverly Hills Cop and The Breakfast Club.

“Each of these 12 titles (from Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures) feature a retro sleeve inspired by their original CIC VHS release.​ The box is imprinted with a VHS cassette design, but with the height of a DVD to ensure it fits on shelf. Inside are copies of the movie on both Blu-ray, and DVD featuring cassette reel disc art. They also include a fold​ ​out replica theatrical poster, bubblegum card and sticker.”

The Thing‘s bonus features include:

  • Feature Commentary with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell
  • John Carpenter’s The Thing: Terror Takes Shape
  • Outtakes
  • Production and Post Production Galleries
  • Theatrical Trailer

The Limited Edition “VHS Range” Blu-rays will release on July 30.

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