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Scream Factory Bringing ‘Gremlins’ Knockoffs ‘Munchies’ and ‘Munchie’ to Blu-ray



Shot in just twelve days, the Roger Corman-produced Munchies was an attempt to cash in on the success of Gremlins, released just a few years later in 1987. The film subsequently spawned two in-title-only sequels, beginning with Jim Wynorski’s Munchie in 1992.

Announced by Scream Factory today, both films are coming to Blu-ray in a 2-pack set!

MUNCHIES (1987) – Archeologist Simon Watterman (Harvey Korman) discovers the Munchies while on an expedition in Peru. But Simon’s evil twin, food entrepreneur Cecil Watterman (also Korman), won’t let him enjoy his achievement. The snack food tycoon tries to abduct the Munchies to destroy his brother’s career and take over his property. These junk food junkies prove to be too much to handle as they begin to menace the residents of a small town in any way they can. Move over ghoulies, ghosties and things that go bump in the night! The Munchies are here and they are bringing the fun with them!

MUNCHIE (1992) – No friends. The new school sucks. And Mom (Loni Anderson) is in love with a sleazy lawyer (Andrew Stevens). Pretty bleak. That’s how life looks to ten-year-old Gage (Jaime McEnnan) when suddenly, into his world pops the magical Munchie (Dom DeLuise). Munchie is the ever-hungry and hilarious mysterious creature from another world who delivers flying pizzas and brings on the parties! With the help of Munchie and loonie Professor Cruikshank (Arte Johnson), Gage evens the score on his school’s bullies as well as his mom’s boyfriend and has the greatest summer ever!

Street date for the double feature release is November 27.

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