Netflix's Great Zombie Film 'Cargo' is At Least Getting a Home Video Release in Australia - Bloody Disgusting
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Netflix’s Great Zombie Film ‘Cargo’ is At Least Getting a Home Video Release in Australia



Nearly everything “The Walking Dead” has effectively done these past several years is present in this year’s Cargo, one hell of an emotionally powerful zombie movie and one of the finest horror movies I’ve seen this year. The film, directed by Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling, was rolled out on Netflix here in the States, so we’re not expecting a DVD/Blu-ray release.

After all, Netflix prefers their movies to remain exclusively on their streaming service.

The good news, however, is that Cargo is being released on both DVD and Blu-ray in Australia (Region 4), courtesy of Umbrella Entertainment. And it’ll include bonus content…

  • Cargo: Shaping a Fragile Future
  • Cargo: Maternal Combat featurette
  • Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Q&A – May 9 2018, Melbourne GPO
  • Tropfest 2013 Short
  • Theatrical trailer

In the film, starring Martin Freeman

In a desperate bid to outrun a violent pandemic, Andy and Kay have holed up on a houseboat with their one-year-old daughter, Rosie. When their peaceful river existence is shattered by a violent attack, Andy takes his family ashore to seek help for his badly injured wife. But this decision ends in tragedy when Kay meets a grisly demise and Andy is not only infected himself but left with only 48 hours to find a new guardian for their child, before he transforms into one of the creatures they have fought so long to evade.

As Andy travels further inland, it becomes apparent that Rosie’s best chance of survival may be with a flourishing Aboriginal community. But their merciless attitude toward the afflicted also poses a grave threat. Andy’s fate soon becomes entwined with that of a young Indigenous girl, Thoomi, who could be his safe passage into this community. But unfortunately, the girl has no desire to return to her people – she is on a quest to cure her own infected father by returning his stolen soul. Each in their own way, Andy and Thoomi are both seeking salvation… but they will need to work together if they truly hope to achieve it.”

Umbrella will release Cargo on September 5.

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