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Saltillo’s ‘Katabasis’ Is Coming To Highly Limited Special Edition Vinyl



Saltillo, the musical project behind menton3 (aka Menton J. Matthews III), will be releasing a deluxe, special edition vinyl of the upcoming album Katabasis, which comes out in early october. The record will feature 12 brand new tracks and is described by Matthews as “his darkest yet”.

The term katabasis originates in Ancient Greece and spans both religion and time in its usage. With credence to mythology, katabasis describes a descent to the underworld, popularly taken by heroes, most notably, Orpheus in pursuit of Eurydice, but may also be a description for one’s journey through unfavorable capacities. Generally speaking, this journey may be traversed within multiple realms or planes of being, ergo, the otherworld.

Head below to see the cover art and vinyl variant and then head on over here to pre-order your copy.

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