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‘Lethe: Episode One’ Gets New Trailer and Screens



Strip away the Amnesia-esque monsters lurking about claustrophobic corridors and Koukou Studios’ upcoming episodic first-person horror game Lethe gives the impression that it’s more of a superhero origin story than the premise of a survival horror game. Even its lead character, a middling journalist with a mysterious past named Robert Dawn, has the name of a guy I suspect might spend his weeknights fighting crime.

In Lethe: Episode One, Robert is imbued with psychokinetic abilities by an “unknown substance” while exploring a secluded mining settlement for answers to the “sinister secrets” of his past. The timing couldn’t be better, as he’s quickly confronted by walking horrors for Robert to test his newfound powers on.

Lethe has been in development for four years now, and the game recently kicked off a closed beta to help test the game before it releases on PC in the “not too distant” future.


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