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‘Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh’ Has An End Date



Saibot Studios has revealed the launch date for the third and final act — “the bloodiest episode so far,” says the press release — in its episodic horror game Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh. When the free content update rolls out on Steam on August 10, it’ll unlock the final area of El Chacal, The Temple, where special agent Thomas Foster will finally confront The Roaster.

I’m digging the nickname. Personally, I would’ve gone with The Toaster so my victims could have a quick laugh before they’re flayed alive. It’s more humane that way.

When Holy Mountains of Flesh is made whole next month, it’ll cap off the series that first debuted back in 2013 with the original . With Doorways behind them, it’ll be interesting to see what the talented team at Saibot Studios does next.

Old-school style puzzles
First person and third person point of view
Minimalist HUD: no hints, no overlay texts. Immersion is the key
Atmospheric, psychological horror story with strong doses of gore
Featuring the voice of Sam A. Mowry (Alexander in Amnesia the Dark Descent) as Thomas Foster
Dark storyline set on a nightmarish place inspired in the real world town, Iruya, located in the North region of Argentina.


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