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Bloody New Look at ‘It Stains the Sands Red’



It Stains the Sands Red

We told you last week that MPI Media is selling the zombie horror/thriller It Stains the Sands Red at the ongoing EFM in Berlin. We now have some fresh imagery from the “zombie love story” that’s also heading to the FrightFest Glasgow in the UK.

The first clip previously released shows Molly (Brittany Allen) facing off against a lone zombie who is chasing her in the desert. As she tries to defend herself, the zombie only gets closer and closer. Jon Barkan had noted that the clip calls to mind Night of the Living Dead because it reminded him of the opening scene where the cemetery zombie is chasing Barbara, only this time Molly doesn’t turn and run…

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Directed by The Vicious Brothers (Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz), “It Stains the Sands Red begins following a zombie apocalypse, when Molly finds herself lost in the desert with one of the rabid living dead hot on her trail. Although at first she finds it hard to give him the slip, the situation gets even more complicated when the girl realizes that, unlike her, her pursuer has no physical need to stop and rest.

It Stains the Sands Red

It Stains the Sands Red


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