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These “Vile Valentines” are Perfect for the Horror Fan in Your Life



Tell them you love them… like only a horror fan can!

Every year dating back to 2015, our own Joe Gallimore has been doing an incredible service for romantic horror fans. Over on his blog, Camera Viscera, Joe unleashes a handful of “Vile Valentines” every February, spreading wonderful messages of love and companionship by using phrases and images from the world of horror cinema.

This year’s lineup of “Vile Valentines” has just been unveiled by Joe, and the printable/shareable cards pay tribute to gems like Ghoulies, Sleepaway Camp 2 and Maniac Cop. Because nothing says true love like a Ghoulie popping out of a toilet… right?

Print out as many of ’em on the office printer as you can and share ’em with like-minded maniacs!” says Joe.

Check out this year’s Vile Valentines below and see past years’ on Camera Viscera.

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