Previously Unseen Behind the Scenes Shot from 'Freddy vs. Jason' Will Make You Smile - Bloody Disgusting
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Previously Unseen Behind the Scenes Shot from ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ Will Make You Smile



The epic final battle in Freddy vs. Jason ended in a stalemate, with Jason seemingly victorious over Freddy but Freddy winking at the camera to remind the audience that neither character can ever truly be killed. In order to pull off that scene, Douglas “Jason” Tait wasn’t just carrying a dummy head, but also Englund’s real head!

Of course, Englund’s body was digitally removed from the “winking” shot with green screen technology, making it appear as if Freddy’s head had actually been lopped off. And this previously unseen behind the scenes shot from the set, tweeted by writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift today, shows how the effect was pulled off.

Freddy in a green screen sweater, rather than a red and green one. Gotta love it!

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