Artist's Epic "Real Ghostbusters" Art is the Ultimate Tribute to Kenner's Toy Line - Bloody Disgusting
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Artist’s Epic “Real Ghostbusters” Art is the Ultimate Tribute to Kenner’s Toy Line



If you ask a group of ’80s kids to name the best toy line from that era, I’m willing to bet a large number of them will wax nostalgic about Kenner’s “The Real Ghostbusters” line, of course based on the animated series of the same name. For me personally, my first introduction to the world of Ghostbusters was through that very toy line.

All sorts of cool monsters were part of the line, including fun new takes on the classic Universal Monsters, and artist Bill McConkey pays tribute to all those glorious ’80s toys with a new “Real Ghostbusters” print that collects all the toys together for one epic monster mash; it’s easily the coolest smart phone wallpaper you’ll find.

If you’d rather hang the print on your wall, McConkey tweeted that the freshly completed piece will be printed up poster size in the near future. So follow him and stay tuned!

What was *your* favorite “Real Ghostbusters” toy?


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