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[Images] The Coolest Horror Halloween Costumes We’ve Seen On Social Media This Year!



Yes, that’s totally the “Bent-Neck Lady” from “The Haunting of Hill House.”

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are always way more fun in October than any other time of the year, especially when the friends and other folks you follow start sharing pictures of their Halloween costumes. This year, we’ve been compiling all of our favorites for the past couple weeks, and we’ve put them together for you guys here today.

Today is, after all, October 31st. So… Happy Halloween!!

We’ve been happy to see that Mandy has spawned a handful of costumes this Halloween, with several people dressing as Nicolas Cage’s Red Miller (including filmmaker Mike Mendez!). Our friend Ama Lea even dressed as the film’s Cheddar Goblin, mac ‘n cheese vomit and all!

Other costumes we’ve been delighted to see this year include a gnarly one from Gerald’s Game, Dennis from Serpent and the Rainbow, and even Aunt Martha from Sleepaway Camp.

Horror fans always rule Halloween. You’ve all made us proud!

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