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Horror In Your House: June 19th, 2012



This week is filled with a bunch of Z-grade releases that, quite frankly, you probably aren’t interested in. The highlight of the week is Exit Humanity, which is like the live action movie version of the Undead Nightmare expansion pack for Red Dead Redemption. Nothing else caught my eye as worthy this week, but Father’s Day from Troma should be out next Tuesday – that is if it isn’t pushed back again. Let me know what you plan on picking up and have a great week.

THE AWAKENED (2012) – FilmWorks Entertainment

On the outskirts of a small mountain town, retired farmer Hank Taylor decides to pull down an old dead tree that sits on the edge of his property. Hank soon discovers something strange buried in the ground beneath…something large, metallic and not of this earth. Dormant for over 200 years, the object s power returns, resurrecting the hibernating occupants from a long slumber and turning the Taylor farm into an arena of heart-pounding terror. As the inhabitants of the farm take refuge in the secluded farm house, a group of mysterious covert government agents callously monitors the situation. Why have the Aliens traveled to Earth? Are the Government Agents hiding something? The Awakened is a science-fiction horror story with a blend of classic Sci-fi elements and special effects from award-winning Creature Effects Inc (Cowboys & Aliens, 300, I am Legend).

THE DISCO EXORICST – Wild Eye Releasing

The most talked about horror movie of the year! From the makers of the cult hit “Nun of That” comes this blood, boob and bellbottom soaked tribute to seventies exploitation sleaze that Twitch calls “Brutal, Blasphemous – a howl from start to finish.” Rex Romanski is a 1970s disco swinger who loves and leaves the wrong woman – the wicked black magic priestess Rita Maria. And now it’s up to Rex to undo the scorned Rita’s rampage of revenge, murder and destruction before she claims more lives, and possesses the soul of the woman he loves. A sexy, irreverent horror comedy – Get Down… and Get Dead!

MICAH SAYS: Talked about by whom?

EXIT HUMANITY (2011) – Bloody Disgusting Selects

A decade after the American Civil War, Edward Young returns home from a hunting trip to find a horrific reanimation of his wife and that their son Adam has disappeared. He must battle his way through an unexplainable outbreak of the walking dead.

MICAH SAYS: PICK OF THE WEEK. Zombie. American. Civil. War. That should sell you. If it doesn’t, watch the trailer.

GRAVE DANGER (2009) – Yellow Ape Productions

A woman (Debbie Kopacz) is terrorized by a psychotic caller who terrorizes her with terrifying tales of murderous ventriloquist dummies, possessed housewives, and watching strangers. But will she live to tell the tales? A tribute to gore movies and midnight showings of B movies!

HEADSPACE (Director’s Cut) (DVD/Blu-Ray) – Moderncine

When Alex (Christopher Denham, Shutter Island) encounters a mysterious stranger, he begins to get smarter each day. It”s not long before he realizes that his new intellect comes with deadly side effects. Headaches and visions plague him at every step. Soon, savage unexplainable murders are linked to him. Now, it”s a race against time as Alex discovers that the source of this evil may not be human and the key to this mystery may be in his own past. His journey in this psychological horror is aided by: Olivia Hussey (Stephen King”s IT), Dee Wallace Stone (Cujo), Udo Kier (Blade), Sean Young (Blade Runner), William Atherton (Ghostbusters), Mark Margolis (Black Swan), Paul Sparks (HBO”s Boardwalk Empire), and Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman).

KEYHOLE (DVD/Blu-Ray) – Monterey Video

In a house haunted with memories, gangster and father Ulysses Pick (Jason Patric) arrives home after a long absence tow­ing the body of a teenaged girl and a bound and gagged young man. His gang waits inside his house, having shot their way past police. There is friction in the ranks. Ulysses, however, is focused on one thing: journey­ing through the house, room by room, and reaching his wife Hyacinth (Isabella Rossellini) in her bedroom upstairs. The equilibrium of the house has been disturbed and his odyssey eventually becomes an emotional tour, as the ghostly nooks and crannies of the house reveal more about the mysterious Pick family.

MOTHER’S DAY EVIL – DVD Deluxe Tempe Video

Lauren and her young daughter, Emily, travel from the USA to visit the English countryside. Shortly after their arrival at a dilapidated cottage, a creepy old woman conducts a seance and things rapidly begin to go wrong. Lauren wakes up in bed in an old and unfamiliar room, watched over by Len, the kindly rescuer who took her in. Stuck at his mercy, Lauren tries to remain calm and slowly learns more about her rescuer. He hears voices from “Mother” who tells him what to do. Ever fearful of his unpredictable, violent mood swings, she tries to placate him in order to be reunited with Emily and escape. When Len s history is finally unraveled, it is far more terrifying than she could ever have known. He carries the darkest of secrets and he needs Lauren to absolve him. But first, she has to deal with the terrifying evil that is…“Mother.”


Join Percival Pirate on his quest to discover his Grandpappy’s hidden treasure chest. What might have contained a wealth of gold, precious jewels, and doubloons ends up holding a much more valuable treasure: four never before seen horror films guaranteed to rattle your bones. The “”booty”” features vampires, killer mannequins, a gruesome high school killing spree and more. Featuring special appearances by horror legends Lloyd Kaufman and Shawn C. Phillips. Be prepared to laugh, scream, and clutch your balls in agony as you witness some of the greatest horrors of low-budget cinema. As a bonus, the collection includes director’s commentary for each segment.

WITCHMASTER GENERAL – Yellow Ape Productions

An evil Voodoo Witchdoctor (played by LA Guns’ Phil Lewis) runs a murder-for-hire business. He’ll do away with your unfaithful wife, your unappreciative boss, or your back-stabbing friend – but the price is your soul! Another twisted flick from director Jim Haggerty.

MICAH SAYS: Don’t mistake this for Witchfinder General, the entertaining late ‘60s flick. This is a newer horror comedy.

WITCHSLAYER GRETL – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Hansel, a witch hunter, returns to the village where he lived as a child to find and kill the witch who killed his sister, Gretl, only to find that Gretl is not dead and danger lurks around every corner.

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