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‘Corbin Nash’ a Vampire Thriller In the Vein of ‘The Crow’



Corey Feldman in Warner Premiere's Lost Boys 3

Ignoring the awful title, StarTree Productions’ upcoming vampire thriller Corbin Nash will feature the insane cast that consists of Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange, Rob Zombie’s Halloween), Rutger Hauer (Hobo With a Shotgun, Blade Runner), Bruce Davison (“Tales From the Crypt”) and even Lost Boys‘s Corey Feldman.

“Games of Thrones” star Dean Jagger plays the title character, a New York City cop who transfers to Los Angeles to hunt for his parents’ killer. Once there, he’s brutally murdered and returns to life as the ultimate killer.

It sounds like The Crow meets something along the line of Friday the 13th.

While most plot details remain under wraps, McDowell has signed on to play a character known as the Blind Prophet who exists around the margins of the film’s world, Deadline explains. Hauer, meanwhile, will play a character described as a CoreyBrucemysterious stranger, while Davison plays Jack, the title character’s conflicted stepfather who hides a dangerous secret. And Corey Feldman will play a vicious, cross-dressing vampire in a role that could serve as a comeback.

Rounding out the cast is Mexican actress Fernanda Romero (The Eye, Eternamente tuya) as Macy, a financially struggling woman who searches for her kidnapped younger brother in a world of lost souls, with Richard Wagner as Vince, the lover and minder of Feldman’s character.

The debut feature from Richard Wagner and Ben and Dean Jagger’s StarTree Productions, Corbin Nash is set to begin filming March 30 on location to be announced at a later date. The script was written by Ben and Dean Jagger along with Christopher P. Taylor, and the film will be directed by Ben Jagger. It’s executive produced by Richard Wagner and produced by Todd Grossman, Justin Steele, Matthew Berkowitz, Carmen Aiello and StarTree Productions, LLC.

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