Festival Poster for Pat Tremblay's Bizarre 'Atmo Horrox' - Bloody Disgusting
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Festival Poster for Pat Tremblay’s Bizarre ‘Atmo Horrox’



Atmo Horrox

Ready for this description? Pat Tremblay is reading his next indie, Atmo Horrox, for a festival run, and described is as “psychedelic horror, an experimental satire wrapped into an absurd mystery thriller.”

Atmo Horrox will have its World Premiere at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival in July, then quickly followed by the Fantasia Film International Film Festival.

Bloody Disgusting fans will remember Tremblay’s work as we released his Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass in 2012 following its premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival.

There’s 13 more Atmo Horrox poster forthcoming on the film’s official website. Also keep up with the indie on Facebook and Twitter.

Atmo Horrox

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