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‘Re-Animator: Evolution’ is Basically a Remake (Exclusive)



The iMBD is known for being astoundingly inaccurate when it comes to forthcoming projects, which is why I went directly to the source to get information on the alleged new Re-Animator sequel.

First, and most importantly, Re-Animator: Evolution is real; it’s an active project that’s currently in development.

Serge Levin has confirmed to us that he is in fact directing from a screenplay he wrote with growing horror icon Johnathon Schaech, who can be seen in Prom Night, The Doom Generation, Flight 7500, 8MM 2, Quarantine, Laid to Rest and Dark Circles, as well as the upcoming Day of the Dead remake.

“Our adaptation is a modern rendition of Herbert West – ‘Reanimator’ by H.P. Lovecraft,” Levin tells Bloody Disgusting. “Moreover, we’re making sure that the spirit and the story elements are more loyal to the original written material of H.P. Lovecraft.

“It’s much darker, more thought provoking, and definitely more grounded in science than the first adaptation,” he continued. “It will be a true horror film with some neat sic-fi layers.”

Yes, it sounds as if Re-Animator: Evolution is a remake of sorts. Here’s the confirmed logline: “Pursued by the police, an ambitious neuroscientist uses a neutrino impulse to bring his dead wife back to life, unintentionally unlocking within her dormant powers that threaten the existence of everyone he knows.

Levin adds: “Staying more true to the short story, we will have Major Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee, as one of the characters from the original written material. Many other story and character elements that I don’t want to reveal yet…resonate with the H.P. Lovecraft’s original vision.”

The biggest news, however, is that Schaech is set to play Herbert West (played by Jeffrey Combs in the original franchise), while Levin will be playing his assistant. InsidiousLin Shaye is confirmed to co-star with Child’s Play‘s Brad Dourif.

Lastly, as of this writing we’re sad to report that Brian Yuzna or Stuart Gordon are not part of the project, but it should be known that it’s too early to tell whether they won’t be. It’s also too early to say that Jeffrey Combs will not be appearing in this installment in some capacity.

Isle Empire Pictures is behind this new incarnation of Re-Animator.

Watch for more news as it comes in.

Johnathon Schaech as Sean Walker in Ray Donovan (Season 1, Episode 09). - Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Johnathon Schaech as Sean Walker in “Ray Donovan” (Season 1, Episode 09). – Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

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