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Tons of Images From Devilworks’ Slate, Including ‘Peelers’ and ‘Cut Shoot Kill’



All images and trailers courtesy of Devilworks

Last week we shared a massive genre lineup for Devilworks, which the company will bring to the European Film Market (EFM) February 9 to 17, 2017.

Boasting a “robust slate of unique voices and fresh talent in genre filmmaking,” the company’s lineup includes INCONTROL, THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY, CUT SHOOT KILL, POPULATION ZERO, PEELERS, and STILL ALIVE.

Below we have new trailers, images and sales art from all of the aforementioned titles (click the page numbers at the bottom to check out the next in the list).


The sci-fi thriller Incontrol comes from director Kurtis David Harder (Cody Fitz).

Starring Levi Meaden (Aftermath, Pacific Rim: Uprising) and Rory J. Saper (The Legend Of Tarzan), the film tells the story of a group of university students who discover a device that allows them to take control of other people.

‘Incontrol’ follows a group of university students who discover a device, that allows them to take control of others and experience the World through someone else’s body. As they push the machine’s abilities to its limits, they don’t realise their own lives have been manipulated & they descend into a nightmare with no return.



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