Get Possessed by the new Teaser Trailer for 'Daemonical' - Bloody Disgusting
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Get Possessed by the new Teaser Trailer for ‘Daemonical’



So we’ve got games where you play as Jason, Leatherface, Michael Myers or Freddy. But what about a game where you’re just plain ol’ possessed by a demon and hunt your friends? Fearem’s Daemonical is that game, which just released a new teaser trailer.

Currently still in Alpha (and on Steam Greenlight), the game involves a group of five players on a remote island. As night creeps up, one player becomes possessed by a demon, who will then attempt to hunt down the rest of the survivors. The remaining players will have to wait out the night, or attempt to exorcise the demon by collecting items to complete a ritual.

Right now, you can sign up for the Alpha Test, which is set for release this winter. You can also check out the official site for more info and screenshots on the game.