Regret Turns to Horror In Evan Dickson's "Your Filthy Heart" Short [Exclusive] - Bloody Disgusting
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Regret Turns to Horror In Evan Dickson’s “Your Filthy Heart” Short [Exclusive]



Bloody Disgusting is excited to share the world exclusive premiere of Evan Dickson‘s directorial debut, “Your Filthy Heart”, which carries a strong Insidious vibe.

In the short, “A mysterious box unleashes a force that causes its victims to be hunted down by their worst regrets.”

Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes, The Neighbor), Eliza Noland, David Bruckner (director of The Ritual, Southbound, V/H/S), Zoe Cooper (The Signal, Southbound), and Jennifer Kretchmer star.

For our newer readers, Dickson was a long-time writer for Bloody Disgusting and now a full-time screenwriter and aspiring director. He saw his Marcel Sarmiento-directed Totem released on Cinemax and VOD platforms last October. The hope is to turn Your Filthy Heart into a feature.

“Over the past three years I’ve worked with eight different directors on various projects,” explains Dickson. “Each one inspired me, taught me and challenged me in different ways so I finally decided to find out what it was like to truly be in their shoes. Spoiler… it’s hard. But I like it. And I’m definitely grateful to anyone who gives 8 minutes of their time over to watching this. Hope you have fun with it!”

The short was produced by William Day Frank (Pod, Psychopaths), Jenna Cavelle (Blood Heist) and Katrina Kudlick (Ladyworld).


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