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‘Rendel’ Director’s ‘Furrow’ Unleashes Swombies

Screenshot by Tero Saikkonen & Jesse Haaja



Having amply proven himself to the masses with his breakout Finnish superhero film, Rendel, director Jesse Haaja is now poised to move forward this spring with the ambitious action horror movie Furrow, reported Film Combat Syndicate.

Described as a cross between “Ash vs. Evil Dead” and the Resident Evil films, Furrow sees actress and musician Jessica Wolff as Laura, a young farm girl who accidentally releases unspeakable evil lurking in the swamps and is forced to fend off an entire army of swamp-zombies (or “Swombies”). Rami Rusinen and Renne Korppila also star.

Farms, swamps and zombie killing action with a Scandinavian touch led by a badass female lead are just a portion of what Haaja promises.

Proof of concept for Furrow was filmed during February in freezing cold Finland with the same crew who brought you Rendel.

Updated with source and actress, both just provided to me.

Screenshot by Tero Saikkonen & Jesse Haaja

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