Short Film "I Love You So Much It's Killing Them" Gives Birth to a Female Serial Killer [Watch] - Bloody Disgusting
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“I Love You So Much It’s Killing Them”, about the dual life of a serial killer/accountant named Vivian, is a film that is said to defy genre classification. “It subverts typical serial killer tropes in a variety of obvious and subtle ways,” explains the release, “such as challenging unspoken fictional norms that serial killers are all men, and that people who kill are always psychopaths who are incapable of love. The film does this by following Vivian’s journey to woo a handsome co-worker who may not be what he seems.”

The Joel Ashton McCarthy-directed short is a pitch-black comedy about Vivian (Alex Duncan), a lonely serial killer whose three loves in life are math, accounting, and killing random people. This all changes when she meets Alex (Clayton Chitty), the man of her dreams.

“I Love You So Much It’s Killing Them” won 12 Awards during its festival run, including Best International Film at Macabro in Mexico City, one of the world’s largest and most successful genre film festivals, Best Film at the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival in Chicago, earning the film the approval of a true genre legend, Best Director and Best Actress Leo Awards, and a slew of other Best Film awards spanning North America.

While the film will be streaming wide tomorrow, Bloody Disgusting is excited to share it first…

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