The Nightmares Film Festival Kicks Off October 18th and These Short Nightmares Will Terrorize You - Bloody Disgusting
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The Nightmares Film Festival Kicks Off October 18th and These Short Nightmares Will Terrorize You



Featured image from “The Thousand Legged Terror”

The horror film festival season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a time when us fans of the dark, morbid, and extreme are introduced to a new group of fright flicks ripe with the potential to wet our bloody whistle. One such festival that has really bombarded the independent scene in the past few years is the Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, OH. Attracting some of the edgiest and scariest stuff out there, Nightmares is not only an entertaining event to be a part of, but from a filmmaker’s standpoint, a beneficial one as well. Nightmares does a fantastic job of making filmmakers feel welcome and promotes a friendly environment filled with the potential for networking. “A real community is forming. People know each other and want to work together. I just want to help make sure that happens, and people aren’t left behind.” says festival organizer Jason Tostevin about the atmosphere he and his co-founder Chris Hamel have created. After being a part of the festival last year, I can certainly agree that these gentlemen have done a wonderful job of bringing us indie horror filmmakers together to rub elbows and collaborate.

Bloody Disgusting’s own short film series, World of Death has been an official sponsor of the Nightmares Film Festival for the past two years and we are stoked to see such a wide array of talent and craziness in this year’s short film categories. Horrifying imagery from shorts such as “The Thousand Legged Terror” and “Blondie” promise to keep us up late into the evening clutching at our bed sheets while the lighter side of the genre is going to have us rolling in the theater with titles like “Attack of Potato Clock”, “Alien Death Fuck”, “The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds”, and “Shit… They’re All Vampires!” And with over 100 short films programmed for the weekend, there will literally be something for everyone. WOD producers Ben Lewandowski and myself will be in attendance and are looking forward to hanging out with filmmakers and checking out all these twisted tales. And with a little luck, all of you out there will be seeing some of these shorts as part of World of Death in the near future!

Nightmares Film Festival runs from Thursday, October 18th to Sunday, October 21st at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, OH. For more info and a full schedule of the 2018 festival, click HERE.

See you there!

“Beyond Repair”

“The Cat”

“The Mare”

“Proceeds of Crime”


“Bathroom Troll”


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