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[Indie] Trailer for Punk Horror ‘Straight Edge Kegger’



Here’s the brand new trailer for director Jason Zink and Weird on Top Pictures’ newest grindhouse slasher, Straight Edge Kegger. This batshit-crazy throwback possesses some razor-sharp wit and a real zest for total chaos. Get ready to tap this keg of murder and mayhem!

Jason Zink is a writer, producer and director known for When I Die (2009), Night Terrors (2014), Where Happiness Lies (2016) and his proof-of-concept trailer Straight Edge Kegger (2016). When I Die was the winner of Best Comedic Feature at the DIY Film Festival. Night Terrors, Zink’s second feature, received worldwide distribution through Camp Motion Pictures and was selected by the HORRORizon Film Festival and Indie Horror Film Festival. Where Happiness Lies, Zink’s first produced documentary, was an official selection at the Louisville International Film Festival.

Zink had this to say about his film:

“My intention with Straight Edge Kegger is to explore fears that I feel are relevant not only to me but to society as a whole: that we are living in an increasingly violent world; that we are vulnerable to threats beyond our understanding; that our society is being torn apart by ignorance; and that we tend to demonize that which we do not understand. The horror genre is the ideal way to explore these fears in a visceral way, while creating something that will be memorable, emotional, thought-provoking, exciting and, above all, genuinely frightening.”

This actually looks like a fun indie horror flick in the same vein as The Green Room, along with some elements from The Purge too.  With the state of the government, there seems to be an uptick in punk activity and punk-inspired movies, such as The Ranger, Bomb City, and Boogeyman Pop.  Be sure to keep an eye out for this one and continue to support the indie community.


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