Nightmares Film Festival '18 - Day Two - Bloody Disgusting
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Nightmares Film Festival ’18 – Day Two



The second day of Nightmares Film Festival 2018 run kicked off with three features: the supernatural terror tale Clementina, survival horror offering Alive, and an interesting genre mash-up in the form of Haven’s End. Things only got busier from there, with the fest showcasing five blocks of short films, five more features, and a filmmaker/screenwriter hangout hour.

The latter was fun to witness. NFF has been a horror community-oriented festival from its very inception and the strong sense of passion, support, and collaboration has only grown across all three years to date. From filmmaker to fan, all are equal at Nightmares Film Festival and it was nice to just take in all of the enthusiastic conversations going on around me.

Moving onto the shorts, these curated blocks are getting better and better with each passing year. I wasn’t able to take in all of them, but I still managed to see a bunch of awesome offerings. What Metal Girls Are Into, Dual, Conductor, and Blondie all knocked my socks off in different ways. Other clear standouts included Canine, All You Can Carry, The Desolation Prize, Doggy See Evil, and Goodbye Old Friend.

The remaining features of the day dished out one of the strongest runs I have seen at the festival to date. Kill Ben Lyk was a hysterical British crime comedy, Book of Monsters prescribed a dose always-welcome creature feature carnage, and FP2: Beats of Rage picked up the reins from the first and took them to new gonzo heights. I, unfortunately, missed Scott Schirmer’s The Bad Man and midnight movie Be My Cat, but by all accounts, both delivered the goods.

Saturday is looking to be even wilder with a lineup showcasing 10 feature films, 7 blocks of shorts, 2 panels, and an awards ceremony. The features include the forgotten ‘80s Corman-produced gem Confessions of a Serial Killer, the latest feature from the director of Thankskilling, a rare theatrical screening of Friday the 13th fan film Never Hike Alone, and a brand new anthology flick (The Field Guide to Evil) that showcases segments from the directors of Berberian Sound Studio, The Lure, Baskin, Goodnight Mommy, and more.


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