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[Interview] Director L. Gustavo Cooper Talks ‘June’



L. Gustavo Cooper’s newest film June (review) is the story of a 9-year-old orphan girl who shares her body with Aer, an ancient supernatural being set on destroying mankind. The film, which stars Kennedy Brice, Casper Van Dien and Victoria Pratt, is now available on DVD and VOD platforms.  In honor of the film’s release Cooper took some time to answer a few questions for Bloody Disgusting.

Bloody Disgusting: I interviewed you about a year ago now when The Devil Incarnate had come out. You said then that June would be leaps and bounds from that first film and I think that’s true as June shows a lot of progress as a director. Was there any major differences from making The Devil Incarnate to making June?

L. Gustavo Cooper: JUNE was definitely a stepping stone for me. Everything from the sound design, cinematography, to the locations were much larger in scale. As I’m sure you know, it takes a team. I had great support from producers (Duane A. Sikes, Gregor and Jacquie Hapsburg and team Raven Banner). We came to JUNE trying to convey a message while entertaining. Solitude, fear, and the internal struggle to be loved were in many ways a big part of why this film was for me “leaps and bounds” from the last.

BD: I’m sensing a bit of a theme here. You go from a devil baby to a movie about a girl who is essentially possessed by a supernatural being. What’s the inspiration behind these crazy kids?

LGC: I find it fascinating to try to envision the world from a child’s perspective. They’ve not been shaped into evil beings, they’re not jaded by society, everything is new! I think every child is just searching for answers and everyone can relate to that. Kennedy Brice screamed that to me. The relationship with her foster mother (Victoria Pratt) and the love they shared for one another was very important in this for me. I think they did such an amazing job in accomplishing that.

BD: The music in June is fantastic. It gives off a bit of a John Carpenter vibe. How large of a role did you play in the music selection and was there something specific you were going for?

LGC: The music was definitely a throwback to that world. Sean and Julliette Beavan (who actually plays the priestess) did such an amazing job with the score. The idea was to create this emotional but energetic tone through the film, something that guided the story. I think they nailed it. I am very happy with the score and all the work they did with the film.

BD: I know you have a birthday coming up, so happy birthday. I believe you mentioned that you like to watch Poltergeist for your birthday. Did you see the remake and if so what did you think?

LGC: I have not. I still gotta do that. Love Sam Rockwell!

BD: What’s next after June? Do you already have your next project in place?

LGC: I have a couple irons in the fire. Some announcements are coming soon!

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