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‘Insidious’ is Getting a Fourth Chapter



Insidious Chapter 3 (image source: Focus Features)

Younger readers may think of The Conjuring when they hear James Wan‘s name, but before that he co-created SAW with Leigh Whannell, as well as Insidious. Yes, he’s behind three of the biggest horror franchises of all time.

After directing the sequel, he passed the baton to writing partner and actor Whannell, who directed the really fun Insidious: Chapter 3.

Whether you know it or not, it made over $100 million worldwide. That’s massive for the third film in a horror franchise. It also warrants another sequel.

The CinemaCon is off to the races in Vegas, where Sony was on hand promoting a bunch of their upcoming titles. One such tease is that Insidious will be getting a fourth chapter, presumably with Whannell back behind the camera (there is no actual information as of this writing).

Insidious: Chapter 3 was a prequel to Wan’s box office smash. During the press rounds, Whannell had teased that he’d like to explore the time between those films:

I haven’t really thought about it yet. But for the purposes of this interview, I’ll say that I’d like to explore the time between this film and the first film,” Whannell told We Got This Covered last year. “That whole area there where Elise has rediscovered her gift, I think you could have a lot of adventures before she arrives. So I think there is a lot of room there. We’ve kind of established Lin [Shaye] in this particular film as kind of this superhero, so that would be kind of interesting to explore in the other films.”

What do you guys think of the Insidious franchise? Where would you like to see it go? What do you think a sequel would be like?

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