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‘It’ Adaptation Will Take All Summer to Film



The novel-to-film adaptation of Stephen King’s It has gone through a lot of difficulties to get to this point. The loss of director Cary Fukunaga last year caused a lot of consternation among fans as well as required a new script to be written. Not exactly something a studio wants to go through, I assure you.

But all of that is in the past and Pennywise the Clown will be coming to life in the near future as it’s been confirmed in a recent edition of 24 Hours Toronto that Canadian city will host the cast and crew between July 7th and September 6th, which is practically the entirety of the summer season.

Instead of Fukunaga, Mama director Andy Muschietti will be giving us his vision of King’s classic horror tale, which was adapted in a made-for-TV event back in 1990.

As of now, no cast has been confirmed. We’ll be keeping our ears open to see who “floats down here”.