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Nancy Had a Sibling?! Rare ‘Elm Street’ Deleted Scene Changes the Game



Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street has been released countless times on home video, most recently as part of a 5-disc collection that brought together the entire original franchise on Blu-ray. But not all the special features from previous releases were ported over for that Blu-ray, notably a series of deleted scenes that have mostly flown under the radar over the years.

Back in 1996, Elite Entertainment gave A Nightmare on Elm Street a Collector’s Edition Laserdisc release, and that was the very first time the aforementioned scenes were made available to the public. The scenes, running just a few minutes total, were subsequently found on a Collector’s Edition VHS of the classic film, but oddly enough, haven’t really been seen or heard from since.

And one of those scenes, well, it’s a HUGE game-changer.

In the original films, we learn the backstory of Freddy Krueger through an exchange between Nancy Thompson and her mother Marge, wherein Marge explains to Nancy that she and the other Elm Street parents took the law into their own hands and murdered Krueger. The brief scene, which takes place in the Thompson basement, ends with Marge showing Nancy that she still possesses Freddy’s murder weapon of choice, and then cuts to a phone conversation between Nancy and Glen.

But the expository basement scene is a bit longer in the extended version that Craven originally shot, and it includes a key bit of information that was left on the cutting room floor. Shortly before she busts out the glove, Marge tells Nancy that Freddy had years prior killed the sibling she never knew about, and he had done the same to Glen, Rod and Tina’s siblings.

You weren’t always an only child,” Marge tells a visibly shaken Nancy.

The additional dialogue serves to better explain why Marge and Donald were directly involved in the killing of Fred Krueger, and it also adds an emotional new layer to the ongoing battle between Nancy and Freddy – she wasn’t just trying to survive, she was also trying to get revenge for the murder of the sibling Freddy took away from her.

Rarely do deleted scenes change this much about the entirety of the story being told in a film, and the fact that this one hasn’t been included on the majority of A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s home video releases makes it one we wanted to bring to your attention. It’s likely that many of you reading this have already seen it, but if you haven’t, you can check out the game-changing deleted scene below.