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‘Sadako vs. Kayako’ Promos Teach Theater Etiquette



Now that we’ve seen a full trailer for Sadako vs Kayako, opening in Japan on June 18th, now a series of bizarre promos have begun to air.

Shared below, the two franchise spooks, Ringu‘s Sadako and Ju-On: The Grudge‘s Kayako, teach theater etiquette from not illegally recording the film, to not take minors to see it.

Oh, and they’re awesome!

Kadokawa and NBCUniversal Japan joined forces for the ultimate J-horror battle after a brilliant April Fool’s Day joke went viral.

Grotesque director Koji Shiraishi is behind the camera with Mizuki Yamamoto caught in the middle of the two battling horror icons.

Ju-On: The Final, billed as the final Ju-On, opened in Japan last June, while Sam Raimi is producing a re-remake here in the States. Rings, the second sequel to the 2002 The Ring remake, opens this October.

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