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Nicole Kidman Thinks Vampires Deserve ‘Cuddles’



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Nicole Kidman’s production company Blossom Films has announced that it has optioned the rights to the off-Broadway play Cuddles, which was created by Joseph Wilde, who will adapt the story.

According to Deadline, “The vampire thriller examines the strange and disturbing forms love can take and asks how you live with a monster that is your own flesh and blood.

Imagine a world without sunlight where Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins and the cast of Dante’s Inferno are real; where princes with adjectives instead of names seduce beautiful princesses; where there’s just one living, breathing human being to cuddle. Welcome to Eve’s world.

Eve is a 13-year-old vampire. She has never left her room and everything she knows about the world comes from her sister Tabby and her storybook characters. Eve does everything a good little vampire girl should, including drinking her human sister’s blood. But one day, Tabby tires of opening her veins and, in a breath, Eve’s whole world changes. [Source]

Kidman states, “Joe’s voice is so beautifully subversive. He’s exactly the kind of young writer Blossom is looking to support.

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