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Canada’s Terror TV Gets One of the Coolest Adverts I’ve Ever Seen



Canadian horror network Terror TV is going to be celebrating the “origin of film” by hosting a marathon of classic horror titles, including F.W. Murnau’s 1922 vampire classic Nosferatu. To drum up some interest, the network commissioned an OOH (out-of-house) advertisement that is absolutely genius, at least in my mind.

Here’s how it works: The billboard, which was designed by Nicole Alchin, is basically a large poster for Nosferatu. Seen in the daylight, there’s nothing really all that remarkable about it, aside from the stunning artwork. The magic happens at night when the billboard begins emitting sonar frequencies that are meant to entice bats to circle the advertisement, creating the perfect atmosphere for the film.

Now, I hope that they also release some sort of food into the air because it’d be kinda cruel to attract bats without giving them any sort of treat.

If they’ve got all their ducks in a row, then I think this would be one of the most amazing advertisements to stumble upon. I’d actually go out of my way to visit the billboard at night to see if it worked.


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