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What Are Your Favorite Sci-Fi/Horror Filmes?



The thing that I love about horror is how effortlessly it can be injected into other genres. Want a musical with some bloodshed? Repo! The Genetic Opera it is. Need to laugh along with your scares? Evil Dead 2, baby! Gotta have some terror in your animation? Vampire Hunter D, at your service.

Science Fiction is a perfect genre to mix with horror because both tackle the fear of the unknown. Just as many people have a terror of oceans and their depths (who knows what lurks beneath?), so to do people have a fear of what lies beyond the stars, of what happens when man tries to play God, of what can occur science decides to turn on humanity. Each of these fears, and more, have been put to film and the results can and have been absolutely terrifying.

So, let’s talk about some of the great films that tackle science and the horrors that it can put forth. As usual, I’ve got a few of my favorites and then I would love for you to leave some of yours in the comments below!

Pitch Black

This is a movie that I can happily put on repeat and leave on in the background. Great characters, a simple yet robust story that doesn’t force awkward explanations, and a wonderful world that is fascinating and hypnotizing, Pitch Black deserves all the praise it receives and more.


There’s a reason that this movie has earned a place amongst other “timeless” classics. It’s got a razor sharp plot that it never deviates from. The characters are charming and given enough attention that you feel like their team feels real. The villain has an iconic design and is a delight to watch. And godDAMN is it entertaining!

The Fly

David Cronenberg’s body horror masterpiece ranks as one of the greatest remakes of all time, thanks to brilliant acting from nearly everyone involved, stunning practical VFX, a gorgeous score, and a story that is haunting.

The Thing

Is there anything I can write about this movie that hasn’t already been said? Carpenter’s remake may be one of the most important horror films of all time and it’s one of the barometers by which other horror fans “test” each other. If you haven’t seen this movie, eyebrows will be raised.


We all knew this was coming, right? Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror masterpiece pretty much revolutionized the genre and created a film that not only introduced an icon in the Xenomorph but also one of the greatest protagonists in the form of Ellen Ripley. There aren’t enough words to write about the importance and wonder that this movie has to offer.